Patrick Mahomes’ Brother Jackson Leaves an Emotional Message Amid 50-Year-Old Mom’s Update

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Thank God for Randi Mahomes. While Patrick Mahomes has a professionally curated Instagram page, Randi Mahomes offers her followers an unfiltered glimpse of her life. Whether it’s hanging out with her dad, or with her three children, Patrick, Jackson, and Mia. The supermom has not been posting about Patrick’s game lately but she has been sharing snippets of her life.

It looks like the matriarch of the Mahomes family is back in New York. She was last there ahead of the New York Jets vs. Kansas City Chiefs game on October 1. So, what is the QB producer up to now?

Randi lives life without regrets

In her latest post on Instagram, she can be seen joyfully passing, one leg and hand in the air, with a Stefanie Clarke. As of now, we do not know how the two know each other. The photo was taken at Times Square in NYC. It seems that the two were just there for a girls’ day out, and the post was captioned, “New York you do not disappoint 🍎”. Guess who left an emotional and short message in the comments section?


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Jackson Mahomes commented, “So fun!! Love you”. To this, his mom had replied, “@jacksonmahomes wish you would have came!! ❤️”. Jackson was last seen in Kansas City during the Broncos game and has not posted any updates since then. From the picture that Randi posted, it seems that he missed out on a lot of fun! But the TikTok influencer has been facing tough times of his own with his preliminary hearing just around the corner.

Trying times ahead for Jackson Mahomes and family

With Jackson’s hearing scheduled for October 24, he needs all the strength and support from his family that he can get. According to Forbes, he can face up to 55 months in prison if he’s found guilty. He has been charged with three counts of aggravated sexual battery and one count of battery. But for the time being, it seems that the Mahomes family is not letting this bog them down. They will cross the bridge when they come to it.

The picture elicited positive reactions from her followers. @mknaos1230 complimented Randi and said, “You look super cute! Have a great time”. While @donnabsibal regretted the fact that she did not know Randi was at Times Square or she would have definitely met with her. “Wish I knew you were here ❤️”. @sof_castro said,“Queen! 🤍” which earned her a response from Randi herself! She replied, “❤️thanks girl”. With tough times ahead for the Mahomes family, will she be able to maintain her positive outlook on life?


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