Patrick Mahomes: Broncos have stifled our offense, other teams will try to replicate that

broncos and chiefs1


Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense struggled against the Broncos’ defense in a win in Week Six, and struggled even more against the Broncos in a loss on Sunday. And Mahomes says he knows other teams are going to be looking at what the Broncos did.  “Teams are going to replicate it and try to find different versions of it,” Mahomes said. “Two of the last three weeks they’ve seen the Broncos stifle our offense.”

With the Chiefs set for a tough game on Sunday in Germany against the Dolphins, Mahomes knows they need to be better.   “We try to do whatever we can to bounce back. That’s all we can do. We’ll learn from our mistakes in this game and try to be better going into Germany this week and try to get the momentum back in our favor. Obviously, today wasn’t our day, but we can continue to get better and better,” Mahomes said after losing to the Broncos.

As for the illness that the Chiefs announced before the game, Mahomes said that wasn’t a factor in his poor play on Sunday.

broncos and chiefs

“I started feeling bad last night but I bounced back this morning,” Mahomes said on Sunday evening. “Just stomach stuff. It is what it is.”  The Broncos’ defense has been terrible for much of this season, but the two impressive performances against the Chiefs are something for the Broncos to hang their hats on, and for other teams to learn from.


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