Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce shine at Quarterback premiere and Edelman compares them to Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito

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In what is the NFL’s first-ever Netflix docuseries, ‘Quarterback’ will soon be available on the streaming platform, yet Tuesday saw the premiere event take place and two certain superstars stole the show.  Kansas City Chiefs duo Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce shone at the event, even leading former New England Patriots wide receiver, Julian Edelman, to compare the pair to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito.

It was a sharply-dressed affair and Mahomes and his teammate took the dress code very seriously indeed.  Mahomes arrived alongside his wife, wearing a smooth cream blazer, matching trousers and slightly brighter white undershirt.  Meanwhile, Kelce wore virtually the same outfit, only he had his blazer undone, showcasing his wonderfully athletic physique.

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Multiple NFL personalities were present

It wasn’t just the stars of Kansas City’s Super Bowl triumph who were in attendance, with there being other NFL players being seen on the astroturf carpet too.  Kirk Cousins was pictured with his wife Julie, Marcus Mariota was there also, whilst comedians Heidi Gardner and Desi Banks rounded off the non-NFL contingent at the premiere.

Edelman took the opportunity to poke fun at the Kansas City duo, posting a picture online of them together next to Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito, wearing strikingly similar outfits.   “Find the differences between these two pictures… they’re the same picture,” Edelman joked on Twitter, copying a popular meme from the tv show ‘The Office’.


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