Patrick Mahomes and Coach Reid nail State Farm commercial with ‘hilarious’ sketch

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Chiefs head coach Andy Reid hasn’t looked back since making his TV debut with State Farm just over a year ago. Despite his initial reservations about partaking in the commercials, Coach Reid proved to be natural and has gone on to produce some iconic adverts.  His latest effort has once again proved to be a huge hit, with the coach delivering yet another stellar performance.

In the video, Coach Reid tells Jake From State Farm that he wants their new personal plan. “Hey Jake From State Farm, I want that personal price plan,” says Coach Reid to Jake who is sat on the other side of the aisle of the plane.  “So, how’s this for personal… I draw moustaches on players faces while they’re asleep,” continues the Super Bowl winner as he draws on the face of the passenger sat next to him.


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“Coach, it happened again,” says Mahomes- a comment which catches Reid completely off guard and even holding the pen he used to commit the hilarious crime. Looking very guilty, he chucks it away, claiming he’s “gonna get to the bottom of this.”

Fans loved the commercial and it has generated plenty of positive reaction on social media. “Andy Reid is a better actor compared to Patrick! Love it,” said one user. “This is Emmy material,” said another.


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