NFL Reporter Clarifies That Patrick Mahomes Did Not Leave the Press Meet Without Answering his ‘Domino Effect’ Query

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Following a tough defeat by the Denver Broncos that ended the Kansas City Chiefs’ remarkable series of victories, Patrick Mahomes was the center of attention at the postgame media session. The star quarterback faced careful examination of the offense’s misfires, and in the middle of the tension, a query on the potential for a ‘domino effect’ set off a wave of misunderstandings among the fan base.

When Steve Walls of 100.1 FM brought up the crucial ‘domino effect’ question, rumors swirled that Mahomes exited without addressing it. Yet, the reality was quite the opposite: Mahomes had given a short response that perhaps got lost in the stir of his departure from the podium.

Steve Walls’ tweet emerged as a light of clarity, showcasing a clip of the press meeting where Mahomes tackled the situation head-on. The tweet addressed the misunderstanding and Mahomes can be seen declaring firmly, “It won’t be,” putting to rest concerns about the Chiefs’ future trajectory following this upset.
Patrick Mahomes’ Misstep?

The details surrounding the game and Mahomes’ performance became more complex with the revelation that he was fighting off the flu. During the press conference, Mahomes spoke candidly about his health struggles leading up to the game, expressing that he felt the illness hit the night before but was optimistic about his recovery.

Despite this setback, Mahomes took the field, saying, “I just started feeling bad last night, but I thought I bounced back pretty well in the morning.” When asked if he believed he played well, he replied,

“No, I wasn’t just good enough, obviously, with the turnovers, but just execution in general. They have done a good job against us with their defense, but we got to execute at a high enough level, and we clearly haven’t done it in the two games played against them.”

Mahomes openly shared about battling his own health issues while facing off against the other team, showing the tough side of being a sports player. This vulnerability speaks to the broader challenge the Chiefs faced that day—a culmination of health setbacks and a strong Broncos defense that caught them off guard.

The ripple effect of Mahomes’ statement and Walls’ ensuring clarification is proof of the rapid spread of misinformation in the digital age, especially when it comes to high-profile figures. This incident also highlights the importance of primary sources and fact-checking in an era where stories can flip a coin.


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