NFL fans compare Jalen Hurts to Kobe Bryant after he explains why he doesn’t show any emotion during games



Jalen Hurts has recently revealed why he doesn’t show lots of emotions during games, and fans went ahead comparing him with NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

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Jalen Hurts is always pointed out for his lack of emotions during games. Why doesn’t he show his emotions? It’s a question that brothers, not just Eagles fans but other team fandoms as well.  Eagles star quarterback recently made a statement on the same, which ended up with him being compared with Kobe Bryant by the fans. Here’s how and why fans compared Hurts with Kobe.

Jalen Hurts’ statement on constant emotions that led fans to compare him with Kobe Bryant

During a recent press conference, Jalen Hurts answered the most talked-about questions about him – why does he show minimal emotions during games? The star quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles stated that he just tries to be in the moment, embrace it, and enjoy it as much as possible.

“I’m sorry if you don’t think I find enjoyment in the moments, because I do.. You just never wanna get too high, or get too low. Just keep the focus on the main thing,” Jalen Hurts said, adding further to his statement.

Something similar Kobe Bryant said during the 2009 NBA finals. Fans saw Kobe Bryant’s mamba mentality in Jalen Hurts and went ahead sharing their reactions, comparing him to the all-time NBA legend.  “That’s the Mamba Mentality #FlyEaglesFly I love the way Jalen Hurts carries himself, Laser focused, Doesnt get blinded by the lights and success. The best time to celebrate is when the season is over,” commented an Eagles fan who was pretty impressed by Jalen Hurts.

“It’s like Kobe Bryant not cracking a smile up 2-0 in the finals, what is there to smile about? jobs not finished,” said another fan. The job is definitely not finished yet. We’ll say, ‘Job’s finished’ when the season is done, and the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

While one fan commented, “MAMBA.” Another fan said, “Bro is actually Kobe”. The fact that Jalen Hurts has the mamba mentality, he surely carries some traits of Kobe Byrant.

“He was the same when he played in college, calm cool and collected. I’m a cowboys fan but I’m rooting for the Eagles to win.” said another fan who is more of a Jalen fan and less of a Cowboys fan.  Talking about Jalen Hurts, he hasn’t responded to Kayla Nicole’s recent attempt to flirt with him on X. Considering that he’s already committed, do you think he will consider replying to her? Share your take in the comment section below.


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