Mom Randi Reveals ‘Hardest 7 Years’ of Life With Football Despite Patrick Mahomes’ Success With the Chiefs

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Patrick Mahomes has won millions of NFL fans’ hearts since he was drafted as the 10th overall pick in the 2017 Draft. The Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback led his team to win two consecutive Super Bowls and became the MVP thrice. Throughout his seven years in the league, Mahomes had his personal cheerleader strong by his side, Randi Mahomes.

Often seen supporting her son from the stands, Mahomes’ mother has become as popular as the quarterback himself. But the fame and lights come with their own downside. In discussing the rise in popularity of the Chiefs’ QB, Randi reflected on how the past seven years have been the most challenging period of her life, sharing her thoughts around the time of the Super Bowl.

Randi had the hardest seven years of her life after Patrick Mahomes’ draft

From hanging out with Travis Kelce’s belle, Taylor Swift, to celebrating Mahomes’ Super Bowl wins, the single mother has become a favorite sighting for Chiefs fans. During an appearance on the ‘Got It From My Momma Podcast’ back in February, Randi was asked if there is a part of the “glam” world she dislikes as a mother. And Mama Mahomes had a lot to say!

Randi described the years after Mahomes entered the league as the toughest of her life and called it a “relearning” phase. The single mother shared that she was used to sharing special moments with her kids in private. Now that her son’s success has brought the family under the public eye, it has certainly been a difficult adjustment for her. While Randi is thankful for her son’s success, she confessed that she would like to be a little “selfish” and get some alone time with her family.

“It’s just being me and my kids whether celebrating Christmas, you know, opening Santa gifts together, to now we have a football game that day, or when we do open gifts, there might be other people there whether they’re filming,” Randi expressed. “I want to be selfish and just have them to myself, have my grandkids to myself…hang out with Britney and Patrick or Jackson and Mia or grandparents or whatever…..It’s been the hardest seven years of my life,” Randi Mahomes confessed.

Apart from being constantly under the eye of the media, Randi revealed an intriguing side-effect of fame.

Randi talked about the consequences of being in the limelight

Mama Mahomes also talked about how “being in the spotlight” brought her into the good books of many. People who weren’t her friends before started inviting her to events, and while she welcomed them, Randi questioned the “authenticity” of such new friendships.

“Whether people- weren’t my friends before or not like close to me or invited me, now I get invited, and I’m like- and it wasn’t like we had any beef with each other,” Randi shared. “It was just I wasn’t invited, and now I’m invited, and I’m very happy, and -it’s great. But sometimes it’s like, ‘You didn’t want me here before’, and almost an authenticity that’s missing sometimes, and you probably have to kind of question that more than maybe you did in your prior life,” admitted Kansas City Chiefs quarterback’s mother.

Randi’s conversation brought to light how the NFL stars’ renown also makes their family the focus of attention. As the single mother continues to be her son’s best cheerleader while juggling her personal life with football, Mahomes is gearing up for the upcoming season with hopes of securing a three-peat.


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