“Mama Kelce, Please Leave Me Alone”: Travis Kelce’s Mother Strictly Told to Stop Texting ‘Good Morning’ Messages Everyday



Travis Kelce‘s mother has lately been a star on the internet. Grayson Waller can be considered partly the reason for the same. An interesting thing about him is that Waller drags his WWE character everywhere and fires shots at anyone he wants. When he recently showed up in a public interview, he made sure to drag the mother of the NFL superstar for ‘texting’ him too much.

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According to Waller, he is not someone who likes being distracted too much. So, despite popularizing Travis Kelce’s mother through his Instagram post, Waller still doesn’t like her talking to him and wanting to come on his show.

Grayson Waller draws a line

A few days ago Waller uploaded a picture on Instagram alongside the mother of the tight end of Kansas City Chiefs. Standing with Mama Kelce, Waller clicked a selfie and uploaded it on his official Instagram account.

The Australian wrestler even uploaded a caption, targeting the world for giving all of their attention to the NFL star. In the caption, he wrote, “Travis getting all the attention, needed to give Mama Kelce the Grayson Waller Rub.” Then keeping in tune with his WWE character he said Mama Kelce had been texting him too much, which he didn’t appreciate.


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As he appeared on WWE’s The Bump in a live stream the host brought up the topic of his week-old Instagram post. He also shed light on how Mama Kelce was not known to many fans, but thanks to Waller, she is way more popular now. So, when asked about how much credit he wants to take for the same, Waller replied, “I’m gonna take 95% of the credit because this is Garry [shows his pet dog]. My little Aussie here, he deserves some of the credit, looking fresh as always.”

After this post, the Aussie wrestler claimed he started receiving morning and night texts from Mama Kelce. However, this doesn’t sit right with Waller who had a message for her as he said, “Leave me alone, I’m not like your son, I’m not a goober who’s gonna have his girl in the crowd. I’m at SmackDown to focus and do big things. I’m there to perform. Mama Kelce please leave me alone.”

Mama Kelce, who attends her son’s NFL games on a regular basis, has yet to respond to Grayson’s social media posts or Waller’s recent comments.

A brief look into Grayson Waller’s recent advancements

So far, Grayson Waller has proved himself worthy of being a heel in the current competitive main roster. Despite the not-so-long run he has had with WWE so far, the wrestler has already feuded with legends like John Cena, albeit briefly.

Not only with Cena but Waller’s reputation as a ‘bad boy’ stretches way past that. A few months ago, the Australian wrestling star engaged in an online feud with Dwayne Johnson as well.  He called out the WWE legend for dressing up a specific way during his MSG debut. Although neither of these feuds developed into anything big, there might be a small chance that Waller will face one big name down the road.


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