“Love This”: Mom Randi Elated as Patrick Mahomes’ 80 YO Superfan Receives Life-Changing Gift

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Have you ever seen an 80-year-old grandma excited like a kid? It looks like Karen Spain’s long-time wish to meet Patrick Mahomes came true. Not exactly, but way better. After making 71 attempts to get to the Kansas City Chiefs star, she finally succeeded. While Mahomes couldn’t meet her personally, he sent her a signed #15 jersey.

Even Randi Mahomes got excited after this act of kindness from his son. She posted a video on Instagram and couldn’t be happier to get the gift. She completed two out of three things on her bucket list. Now, all that’s left to do is meet Patrick Mahomes in person.

Patrick Mahomes’ biggest fan is an 80-year-old grandma

Spain recently posted her special moment on Instagram in a post captioned, “BEST DAY—meeting Randi Mahomes—BEST GIFT—from famous Pop artist, ED HECK—now to just meet Patrick Mahomes face to face!! Then I can ‘croak’!” The video shows the Mahomes superfan meeting with pop art illustrator Ed Heck and Randi Mahomes. The room looks cozy with all the Christmas vibes still there as Ed Heck gifts her a pack and asks her to guess what is inside.


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By the looks of it, the 80-year-old superfan couldn’t be more excited and started acting like a kid again. The post reached Randi Mahomes, and she couldn’t wait to show love to the 80-year-old. The mother of the QB wrote, “L❤️ve this so much!!” in reply. One of the companions in the room joked that the jersey was too big for her, but it couldn’t stop Spain from living her best dreams.

The unique thing about the jersey was that it was signed by no other than Patrick Mahomes himself and had the original hologram still attached. All that’s left to do now is meet Patrick Mahomes in person. After making 71 attempts to reach her favorite QB, all of her wishes are about to come true.

How Karen Spain reached one step closer to her dream

Football was instilled in this 80-year-old fan since she was very young. She even married a quarterback; that’s how much she loves the sport. Spain started a campaign for herself in which she would make videos stating her case and why she wanted to meet Mahomes so badly. She made a four-part video cover letter to explain why meeting Mahomes was at the top of her list.

While stating her case, she mentioned how her father took her to Harlem Globetrotters’ games, where she saw one of her idols, who happened to be her crush at the time. She mentioned how she was heartbroken to see a woman on her crush’s side in the game. Since then, the earth has had quite a few rotations, and things have changed.


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