KC milk company to release new flavors in honor of Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory

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Kansas City is not done celebrating its fourth Super Bowl championship, even though it has been almost over a month since the Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium in an epic game that went into overtime.

Kansas City, still basking in the glory of its fourth Super Bowl championship and its victory over San Francisco, is celebrating uniquely. The local milk company, The Shatto Milk Company, is joining in the festivities by announcing the release of two new milk flavors, a testament to our local pride and love for the Chiefs.

The first flavor mocks the San Francisco 49ers and is called ‘Niners Tear,’ which tastes like salted caramel. It will be released around March 16th through their own Shatto Milk Country outlet.  The milk will be available for purchase from grocery stores across the Kansas City area, Des Moines, Warrensburg, St. Joseph, and Columbia. The second flavor is still set to be announced.

Mahomes re-structured his deal

Ahead of the official start of free agency, Mahomes has agreed to a restructured contract that will create over $20 million in cap space. Mahomes made headlines in 2020 when he became the highest-paid player in the NFL with a 10-year extension worth $450 million.

However, his hefty cap hit for 2024 was set at $58.6 million, which prompted the recent reworking of his contract. Spotrac now estimates Mahomes’ cap numbers to be $37 million in 2024, $66.2 million in 2025, and $68.6 million in 2026. The restructuring comes at a crucial time for the Chiefs, who were facing limited cap space before Mahomes’ deal adjustment.


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