Jason Kelce’s Wife Kylie Goes Viral With Adorable TikTok Video Calling Their Daughter a “Swiftie”

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Step aside, Jason and Travis. There’s a new star in the Kelce family, and it’s not their mom Donna! This time, Jason’s oldest daughter Wyatt, who turned 4 last week, is capturing the country’s attention after her mom, Kylie, shared an adorable video on TikTok.

In the video, Wyatt is watching her dad play in the Philadelphia Eagles’ game against the Los Angeles Rams. She asks questions about the players while her mom patiently explains the details of the game, with helpful tidbits like, “That blue player is Aaron Donald. He is one of the best defensive players that’s ever played football,” and “That’s the referee, the official. He makes sure everyone is following the rules.”

eagle on pitch A.J. Brown and Jason Kelce

Wyatt then spots Eagles wide receiver A.J. Brown, who wears pink shoes to each game so his young daughter can spot him during the games. Wyatt repeatedly says, “I see the pink shoes again!”

@kyliekelce Just another swiftie tryna learn football, or a kid tryna avoid a nap. Who knows? #GoBirds ♬ original sound – Kylie Kelce

More than 7 million people have watched the interaction. Kylie captioned the video, “Just another swiftie tryna learn football, or a kid tryna avoid a nap. Who knows? #GoBirds” Fans replied with comments like, “Baby Wy is all of us swifties on Sundays now 😂,” “Me to my husband all day on Sunday 😂,” and “Wyatt!! 🤣🤣 I always knew you were a swiftie.”

Wyatt and her little sister Elliotte made an adorable cameo on Jason and Travis’s “New Heights podcast.” Jason said, “The moment I saw the video, I was immediately smiling.” Travis chimed in, saying, “It’s so cute man. I gotta get me some pink shoes. Shoutout to Baby Wy for putting a smile on everybody’s face.”

Amazon recently announced that the Kelce documentary about the family is the most watched documentary movie ever on Prime. With a family like this, it’s not hard to see why it’s so popular.


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