Jalen Hurts wore a knee brace against the Dolphins: Is he injured?

j hurts


In the second half of the Philadelphia Eagles’ convincing 31-17 victory over the Miami Dolphins on Sunday Night Football, fans noted that Jalen Hurts was wearing a brace on his left knee.  When questioned about his apparent discomfort, Hurts reassured everyone, stating he would “be fine.”

Hurts confirmed that he put on the brace during halftime but didn’t specify when or how the injury occurred.  This revelation heightened concerns among fans and the Eagles’ coaching staff.  Backup quarterback Marcus Mariota was seen warming up during the game, suggesting he might need to step in for Hurts. However, Hurts eventually returned to the field.

Big games ahead

This injury to Hurts is a significant development that will be closely monitored in the days ahead, as the Eagles face crucial NFC East matchups in the coming weeks against the Washington Commanders and the Dallas Cowboys.  A knee injury to a quarterback, especially one like Hurts, who relies on his dual-threat capabilities, could have a profound impact on the Eagles’ season.

If Hurts is compromised in any way, it would necessitate adjustments to the team’s offensive strategy, potentially with Mariota taking the reins, though his NFL consistency has been questionable.  This situation has raised concerns about the future performance and stability of the Eagles’ offense.


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