Jalen Hurts injury update: Eagles QB storms out of press conference in response to this question about his knee

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If you’re looking for an update on Jalen Hurts’ knee injury, don’t ask. The Philadelphia press learned that the hard way.  According to NFL insider Jay Glazer, the hard-nosed conductor of the Tush Push has been playing with a bone bruise in his knee for four weeks, but he isn’t making excuses.

Hurts said not to ask about his knee injury

“I told you guys I’m not speaking on it any more. I’m out there,” Hurts told reporters after their 38-31 win over the Washington Commanders on Sunday to move to 7-1 on the season.

Even through the reported injury and a visible limp at times during the game, the Eagles QB has continued to perform. He put up a near perfect stat line of 29-38 with 319 yards and four touchdowns against Washington that earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors.

Why did Jalen Hurts storm out of the Eagles press conference?

Despite his wishes and the evidence he left on the field, reporters felt obliged to ask about his health after the Eagles’ Wednesday practice.  “Jalen, I gotta ask,” one reporter prodded, “Anything new with the knee? Feel better? Feel worse?”

The Eagles No. 1 chuckled, tapped the table and shook his head, before walking right off the podium. You don’t have to be able to read an NFL playbook to interpret his annoyed body language.  Maybe next time they’ll heed his warning.


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