Jalen Hurts Gifts Luxurious Rolex Watches to Eagles O-Line as a Surprise Gesture to Celebrate Christmas

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Jalen Hurts and his thoughtful Christmas gestures continue to rock this season too. One can also say that the 25-year-old quarterback is smothering his relationship with his squad. After three back-to-back losses, particularly against the Seattle Seahawks, the Eagles QB questioned the commitment and competitiveness of his team. As the team won in their latest game against the New York Giants, the Christmas surprise can arguably win many hearts.

The Philadelphia Eagles are currently the number 2 seed with 11 wins and 4 losses. After the Week 16 win, they have now clinched a playoff berth for themselves. To double the celebration, Hurts repeated his Christmas rituals this year as the ‘Eagles’ Santa’ came up with yet another luxurious surprise for his O-Line players.

Jalen Hurts surprised his team with Rolex Watches!

Jalen Hurts loves watches, especially Rolex, and he has a quiet collection. Hurts’ impressive Rolex collection includes the most sought-after models like Rolex Datejust 41 MM (worth $8,050 USD), Two-Tone Rolex Daytona (worth $19,100 USD), and Diesel Mega Chief Chronograph (worth $129 USD) from the Rolex brand.

As a Christmas gift this season, he decided to show his appreciation to the Eagles’ offensive line, who protect him on the field, by gifting them Rolex watches. The rumors that the gifted watches are the “ROLEX DAY-DATE 40 IN EVEROSE GOLD,” which happens to be Hurts’ favorite among Rolex models.

This particular Rolex model is known for its classy look. The watch has a presidential bracelet and stands out with its rose gold and olive green combination. The green sunray dial, along with the fluted bezel and Everose case, makes it highly sought after. The Rolex Day-Date 40 in Everose gold has a retail price of $41,500 USD.

Last year, the ‘Eagles’ Santa’ brought Christmas early as he gave his entire offensive line “Louis Vuitton travel bags as Christmas gifts.”  Interestingly, Jalen Hurts isn’t the first person to gift Rolex watches to his offensive line squad. There is another popular quarterback who has shown his appreciation to the offensive line in 2019’s Christmas celebration.

Lamar Jackson too gave his O-linemen Rolex watches!

Lamar Jackson, however, is now under a new $260 million contract, back then in 2019, he was under his rookie contract with a base salary of $910,530. But that didn’t stop him from showing his appreciation to his blockers on Christmas in 2019.


Jackson decided to express gratitude to his linemen, who took good care of him on the field. In a generous gesture, the QB ended up buying Rolex watches for all of them. The news about this generous act came to light when OT Ronnie Stanley, shared the gift on his IG. It’s reported that each of the watches was worth around $4000.  This seems like a fitting token of gratitude, especially considering how his linemen have played a crucial role in helping Jackson achieve the QB record for rushing yards, totaling 1206 yards in that year.


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