Jackson Mahomes shares a provocative photo amid legal battles

jackson and pat


Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother, Jackson, has a reputation as an influencer but he’s most notably known for his controversies relating to the Mahomes family and his sexual harassment battle in Kansas City and he’s in the news again for his latest eccentric act.

The 23-year-old’s battle against a restaurant owner was initially thought to be over in January when prosecutors dismissed three felony charges, leading to scenes of celebration from the family in the media, but it has reared it’s head again and this time has bit him hard.

Just a month after Patrick Mahomes won the Super Bowl at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas with the Kansas City Chiefs, another stain on the name of the family has appeared as Jackson has been sentenced to six months’ probation after pleading guilty to one count of misdemeanour.

“The sentencing came more than two months after prosecutors dismissed three felony charges for aggravated sexual battery,” ESPN reported. “Related to accusations that Jackson Mahomes grabbed a woman by the neck and kissed her against her will inside an Overland Park, Kansas, restaurant in February 2023.

“Those more serious charges were dropped due to a lack of cooperation from the woman, according to a court filing. The remaining misdemeanor battery charge said Jackson Mahomes shoved a waiter who tried to come into a room where he was with the woman, according to investigators.

j mahomesINS

“Prosecutors dropped the felony charges after the woman, who was the owner of the restaurant, refused to testify in the case. The woman reported that she endured death threats and harassment and that her restaurant was vandalized in the wake of the charges. She closed the restaurant in August.”

Does he even care?

Considering the initial charges carried a risk of federal prosecution, Mahomes has got off relatively lightly and his latest photo indicates that he’s aware of his good fortune.

With everyone discussing his latest controversy, the verified Instagram.com user took to the platform to show off his body as he posted in tight gym clothing in a locker room. He wore grey shorts and a white tank top that’s too small.

The picture had no caption but it does suggest that he isn’t really phased about the sentencing. So far the family have not commented.


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