Jackson Mahomes Drama Goes Horribly Wrong for Alleged Victim Amidst New Update

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Jackson Mahomes is currently no longer in custody. But the younger brother of Patrick Mahomes continues to face intense scrutiny as the individuals connected to the incident have their toes still dipped in trouble. The Kansas City Chiefs QB’s sibling was arrested for aggravated sexual battery a few months ago.

Although he may have been released from custody by now, Jackson’s public appearances have been infrequent. Ultimately, the Mahomes family breathed a sigh of relief when charges against him were dropped, resulting in the case being reportedly closed. However, the aftermath of the incident still casts a shadow over Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Kansas City, where the incident occurred, as per the latest update.

Restaurant’s fallout amidst the legal drama

According to a tweet from NFL reporter Dov Kleiman, the aftermath of the incident had a devastating impact on the restaurant owner in KC. The tweet states, “The woman that accused Jackson Mahomes of sexual assault has been forced to close down her restaurant after negatively from the public affected her business, per @KCStar.” Just last week, Aspen Restaurant & Lounge owner Aspen Vaughn told FOX4 that she wouldn’t have called the police on the night Jackson Mahomes was accused of sexually assaulting her in her office last February.

Vaughn shared that the call was made by the father of a server whom Mahomes had pushed. However, she made the alleged assault public and provided video evidence to the Kansas City Star. Vaughn described the months following the incident on February 25 as “exhausting” and expressed a desire to return to normalcy. She stated, “What happened that evening we don’t condone it – it wasn’t OK, but in the same aspect we have our lives to live and to go on, and I feel like a lot of people just made assumptions and came after us.”

Reports suggest that due to this Jackson Mahomes’ KC drama, the restaurant owner and her employees faced public scrutiny from his fans. Unfortunately, this led to the closure of the restaurant, resulting in the loss of jobs for its employees, and other problems faced by the restaurant.

Claimed consequences after the complaint

According to reports, additional details emerged, revealing that the owner had asserted her business suffered a 75% decline and had even been subjected to acts of vandalism. In the hopes that the situation would eventually subside, she expressed, “We’ve had gas pipes cut. We’ve had the AC pipes cut from the outside.”

jackson mahomes from jail

Jackson Mahomes was arrested and faced three counts of aggravated sexual battery along with a misdemeanor battery charge in May. These charges stem from allegations that he pushed a waiter and assaulted an elderly female owner.

Presently, Mahomes is out of custody after posting a $100,000 bond. However, Stephanie Lopez, an employee of the restaurant, told that the restaurant will remain closed until a new tenant takes over.


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