Inspiring Exchange with ex-POTUS Barack Obama and Mentorship from ‘Uncle’ Samuel L Jackson, 23YO NCAA Champion Set to Earn 5 Figures alongside Angel Reese

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The 2023 NCAA March Madness witnessed an incredibly dramatic ending. After a historic run to the championship game, the Iowa Hawkeyes had their dream shattered by the LSU Tigers. The Tigers, on the other hand, rejoiced in a commendable win. After the win, some antics from the Tigers’ forward Angel Reese took center stage. However, another major narrative of the championship game was surrounding her 23-year-old teammate.

The LSU Tigers handed the Hawkeyes a crushing defeat. They won their first ever NCAA title in their program history. This historic run from the Tigers was at the forefront of public attention. However, this would not have been possible without their 23-year-old star guard’s breakthrough performance.

After Angel Reese, her 23-year-old teammate shines

Angel Reese had a spectacular NCAA season with the LSU Tigers. The 21-year-old put up an incredible 23 PPG and 15.4 RPG throughout the college basketball season, also putting up a record 34 double-doubles. She also won the Most Outstanding Player award after leading the Tigers to the championship.  However, the Tigers needed a hero in the championship game and that’s where 23-year-old Jasmine Carson came in.

Jasmine Carson became an overnight sensation after the championship game. Coming off the bench, she scored an astonishing 22 points in just 22 minutes to seal the deal for the Tigers. She also scored 21 of her 22 points in just the first half. Her astounding performance became the talks of the town after the game, surrounding her in media attention. However, she had a long journey before lighting up in the championship game.

From meeting an ex-POTUS to finding a mentor in the legendary actor, Carson has been through an unbelievable journey before winning the championship with the Tigers. We all know her championship game heroics, but here are some unknown details abut the WNBA sensation.

Carson’s journey has been out of the ordinary

Jasmine Carson put the world on notice with her stunning performance in the championship game. However, before becoming an overnight sensation, she had a humble beginning in Memphis.

Jasmine Carson

The LSU star comes from a family of political leaders. Carson’s father was involved in the Democratic Party during the early stages of her career, leading to an unexpected encounter. The LSU guard got the prestigious opportunity t0 meet ex-POTUS, Barack Obama at a young age which left an indelible mark on her journey. Her grandmother too was a political leader, who’s friendship with the legendary actor, Samuel L. Jackson led to Carson finding a terrific mentor in him. This paved the way for a marvellous basketball journey.

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Carson showcased her impressive basketball talent throughout her high school and college days. She was named an Adidas All American and also shared the Regional Player of the Year honour with her schoolmate and current Cleveland Cavaliers star, Isaac Okoro. She then took her talents to the collegiate level, joining Georgia Tech and West Virginia before finally landing in LSU.

Carson’s incredible run in the LSU Tigers’ roster, she garnered tremendous media attention. This has now helped the 23 year old to draw lucrative deals, earning a staggering $50,000 annually.

Jasmine Carson may have come off the bench for the Tigers, but her spectacular display of shooting brilliance elevated her to a superstar status. The 23-year-old had a breakthrough performance in the championship game, but her unbelievable journey paved the way for her success.


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