IN PHOTOS: Patrick Mahomes, wife Brittany celebrate 4th of July with adventurous hiking trip

pm hikingFI


Patrick Mahomes is intent on spending time with his wife Brittany and his children as much as he can before the NFL season begins again. The pressure will all be on him and the Kansas City Chiefs as they will go into the season as one of the favorites and look to repeat at Super Bowl champions.

That is why he is taking every opportunity to spend some quality time with his famly, which he always cannot do when the season begins. Since the end of the previous season, he has been to Disneyland, as the MVP quarterback of the winning team and taken part in the parade. They were also seen at the Kentucky derby and most recently, Brittany and Patrick Mahomes spent some quality time in Vegas.

But their latest trip was more to connect with nature. Taking baby Bronze and his sister Sterling with them, the couple decided to take a hiking journey on Independence Day. It was as far away from fireworks, noise and bustle as they could get to and we can hardly blame them for choosing to do so looking at the pictures.

The photo montage begins with a couple of cute pictures of their children, with one of them wishing the viewers a happy 4th of July. In other pictures, they are seen hiking in the wilderness with Sterling safely in the back. There are some pictures of just Brittany and Patrick Mahomes as well, wishing us all a happy Independence Day. Have a look at the adorable pictures below.

pm hiking

pm hiking1

pm hiking2

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany making most of the time on hand

Looking at their recent itinerary, the couple seem to be constantly traveling, as mentioned before. One cannot really blame them because ever since baby Bronze was born, they have never had the chance for a proper family time. Patrick Mahomes was busy on the field being a league and Super Bowl MVP!

They have a very limited time just to themselves after having met the engagements needed as part of being a Super Bowl champion. Brittany mentioned about Patrick Mahomes schedule before they embarked on this hiking trip, saying,

“Here we go again 😂 Home for 2 days & leaving again! Patrick ended OTAs and only had one month before he reports to training camp… so we have decided to travel that entire month YOLO.”

Family life is hard for an active NFL player. It is even harder when the aim is to lift the Lombardi Trophy each year.


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