“I Think It’s What Did Bill Belichick Not Do”: Tom Brady Tearfully Discusses the Massive Impact Patriots HC Had on His Career

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Tom Brady and Bill Belichick were the best QB-HC duo in the NFL for 20 years, and Brady’s recent message seems to echo those thoughts exactly. While talking about Belichick on the Let’s Go podcast, Brady got emotional and teared up discussing the head coach’s impact on his career. People have tried to make things be Brady vs. Belichick, especially since the quarterback left for Tampa Bay, but from the way Tom Brady talked about his old coach, it certainly seems like that was all outside noise.

Brady came into the NFL with hardly any expectations. He was a sixth-round draft pick, an afterthought. However, there was definitely a reason he was drafted. Head coach Bill Belichick saw something in him, and it’s what led Brady to be promoted up the roster, right to being Drew Bledsoe’s backup.  After Bledsoe’s injury, Belichick gave him the chance to shine, and he stuck with Brady. He didn’t go back to Bledsoe when he returned from injury, nor did he go back to Bledsoe when he led the Patriots to victory in the AFC Conference Championship Game when he filled in for an injured Brady. All the time, Belichick stuck with Brady.

Tom Brady Emotionally Discusses How Great Bill Belichick Was

When Brady discussed what Belichick did for him, he was clear that there wasn’t anything the Pats’ head coach left unturned. He stated, “It’s more what did he not do” when talking about how impactful Belichick was for him.  Brady was clearly emotional during the talk, and it seems like there is still a lot of sentimental value that he holds for the head coach.

After Brady left for Tampa Bay, many people claimed that there was a rift between the two. Some felt that Brady felt bitter that everyone said he was a product of Belichick’s system, which led to his move to the Buccaneers.  Others said that Belichick was hurt by the fact that he couldn’t get rid of Brady earlier when he had the chance when the team still held Jimmy Garoppolo, and was equally bitter that people credited his success to Brady’s greatness.

However, judging from Brady’s emotions in the video and everything he’s said about Belichick, both before and after the Pats, it clearly looks like the two have immense respect and admiration for each other.

Brady and Belichick Are On to Different Phases of their Lives Now

Brady and Belichick stood the test of time. They went 20 years together, winning six Super Bowls, dominating the league, and forming one of sport’s greatest dynasties.  Now, things are much different. Brady is retired and enjoying his time off from football to be with his family. He’ll soon have a broadcasting career, and overall, he’s more focused on his personal time and himself.

Bill Belichick is still running down the clock. He’s, in some ways, back where he was 20 years ago. He has a young quarterback at the helm with a strong defense. In some ways, Mac Jones is his next project. Of course, there’s no saying that Jones will be the next Brady, but Belichick will find a way to extract the most from him because that’s just what he does.


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