“He’s Someone That I Look Up To”: Old Footage of Tom Brady’s Emotional Exchange With Curious Kid Unveils NFL Goat’s 79-Year-Old Real-Life Hero



The sport holds a special place in his heart, and Tom Brady‘s emotions overflow even when he reflects on the challenging questions about family. There have been various occasions where Brady has been seen crying, and each of them had different reasons behind it. One instance was when he reflected upon the day, he was drafted in the sixth round back in 2000. Another emotional moment was when he departed from the New England Patriots after an incredible 20-year journey in 2020.

Additionally, he shed tears of joy and relief when he won his seventh Super Bowl in 2021.  However, what happens when a boy meets his hero, Tom Brady? In a heart-melting clip posted on YouTube, it can be seen how a simple question from a young fan reveals the true source of Brady’s inspiration and make his eyes wet.

Tom Brady’s answer reveals his ‘True Hero’

One day, a young boy with glasses got a chance to meet his idol, Tom Brady. The boy was sitting on his father’s shoulder, and he had a question for the famous quarterback. He asked him carefully, “Many people say you’re their hero, but who’s your hero?” Brady smiled and answered sincerely on the microphone, “That’s a great question. Well, I think my dad is my hero. He’s someone that I look up to every day.”

Brady paused for a moment; his eyes filled with emotion. He repeated softly, “My dad.” The video was taken when Brady was still playing for the New England Patriots, but the moment was timeless. It showed how much Brady loves and respects his family.

Brady celebrated this 2023 Father’s Day by posting some heartfelt photos on Instagram. He shared some snaps of his dad Tom Brady Sr., “On this Father’s Day, all I can think of is how grateful I am to have been raised by the world’s best Dad.” Brady also said that he was proud and happy to be a father himself, and showed off his three beautiful children, who he loves dearly.

Who taught Brady how to live?

Tom Brady often opened up about the valuable lessons he has learned from his children about how being “present” and cherishing every moment as a father is crucial. He thanked his own father and his three kids for their love and support. Brady revealed that his children have shown him how to live in the now, though he joked that he’s still working on it every day.

The legendary NFL star stressed that nothing matters more to him than family. Brady also praised his children for their kindness and generosity towards others, and the guidance they receive from everyone in their lives. Nevertheless, Tom Brady always expresses his gratitude to his dad for being his role model and to his three amazing kids Benjamin, Vivian, and Jack for giving him the joy of being their dad.


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