“He’s Like a Calm, But Also a Confident Killer”: Jason Kelce Reveals What Makes Jalen Hurts the Ultimate Competitor

jason and hurts


Jason Kelce recently opened up about his QB Jalen Hurts. The Eagles are enjoying a strong start to the season with a 5-1, though there have been some issues with the end zone. Kelce was seen having an outburst about the same during one of the games. In his conversation with NBC’s Devin McCourty, Jason opened up about his emotional self.

During the interaction, the Eagles center opened up about his tendency to go a bit overboard with his emotions. However, he highlighted the contrast between him and Hurts, who according to him, has an incredible ability to stay calm in the most dire situations, which ultimately boosts team morale.

Jason Kelce is All Praise for his QB Jalen Hurts

Jason Kelce and Jalen Hurts are a great duo on and off the gridiron. Hurts was the Kelce brothers’ first interview on their New Heights podcast in 2022 when fans got a glimpse into their relationship as teammates and as friends. Now, speaking to NFL on NBC, Kelce shared what he really thinks of Hurts as a QB and he was all praises. Talking of Hurts’ command over his emotions and his competitive spirit, Kelce said,

“One thing I really appreciate about him…his temperament in the huddle and the way he carries himself is so so good and its good for everybody else, he doesn’t let the highs get too high, doesn’t let the lows get too low…He’s an ultimate competitor, who wants to win. He’s like calm but also a confident killer.”

In contrast, Jason pointed out that his emotions tend to run amok and are “all over the place.” So he is doubly appreciative of Hurts’ demeanor, which also helps him keep a check. Seeing his QB in complete control of his emotions helps Kelce also feel inspired to emulate Hurts’ calmness and stable emotions. Kelce had previously revealed that Hurts is extremely competitive and hates losing, but as he said he “doesn’t let the lows get too low” and channels it in other ways.

Kelce Loves Jalen Hurts’ Music Taste

Jason revealed some other endearing bits of his relationship with Hurts. Talking about what Hurts likes about him, he said that Hurts probably appreciates the more friendship side of their connection. Talking about his choice of music he said,

“I was walking by his locker the other day and he was playing some old-school music, and I was like ‘hey man I really like what you’re playing, can I get your playlist? He probably liked that. He likes stuff like that you know. He appreciates the more friendship-type stuff.”

The Eagles led by Jalen Hurts faced their first loss of the season last week against the Jets. However, the New York Jets collected their first win over the Philadelphia Eagles in franchise history on Sunday, shocking the last unbeaten squad in the NFL in a 20-14 victory. While the Eagles will look to wipe the slate clean and start a new win streak next week, hopefully with the help of that storied Jalen Hurts confidence.


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