“He’s Just a Kid”: Harsh Remarks on Patrick Mahomes’ Infamous Brother’s Reunion With Family Leaves NFL World Split

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Jackson Mahomes has finally resurfaced on social media. After the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory, a string of controversies swirled around Patrick Mahomes‘ brother, Jackson. He was accused of assault by a female owner of a restaurant in Kansas City and was taken into custody last month. But he soon was subsequently released from Johnson County Jail on a $100,000 bond.

Since then, the Mahomes family has maintained a low profile and refrained from addressing his situation. Even the popular TikTok star has scaled back his online presence. Now, after a prolonged absence from social media, Jackson Mahomes has made a comeback, as announced by his mother, Randi Mahomes, and his sister-in-law, Brittany Mahomes.

Jackson is back to witness his brother’s golf game

This offseason, Patrick Mahomes treated his family to a working vacation in Hawaii for the Aloha Golf Classic event organized by Patrick Mahomes’ 15 and the Mahomies Foundation, which aims to support charitable causes. Initially, Jackson was not seen in any family photos from the vacation. However, during Patrick Mahomes’ recent golf match in Las Vegas, United States, Jackson was there to support him, just like the other family members.

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The Real Kansas City Chiefs Fans page on Facebook shared a photo of the family cheering Patrick on the green field. The photo was accompanied by the caption, “Brittany, Randi, Jackson and Mia Mahomes on hand to watch Patrick Mahomes⛳️!” and the overlapping text, “The crew🔥.” While the entire family enjoyed watching their beloved Patrick in “The Match,” a few fans expressed their surprise and disdain towards Jackson.

Jackson’s comeback drew numerous comments

After an absence of approximately one month from social media, the TikTok star has made a comeback online. However, his return to the online sphere hasn’t been well received by some social media users. One user commented, “I’m sure they have had some talks but he’s just a kid he will grow out of all that he is Patrick’s family so lay off him people!!!”

jackson and pat

Another person wrote, “Is Jackson allowed in Vegas?😂”

A different user remarked, “That boy Jackson in Vegas. Watch out guys and gals!!!!”

One commenter expressed their opinion, stating, “Should have left Jackson home….”

Furthermore, some users mentioned his recent release on bail, with one writing, “I thought he was locked up.”

Another user remarked, “Shouldn’t Jackson be in jail?”

Despite the mixed reactions and comments from social media users, Jackson Mahomes has returned to the online platform after a month-long absence, and it appears that he is enjoying himself with his family.


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