“He’s a Dumb A**” – As Travis Kelce Continues to Steal the Show Both on and off the Field, Former Chiefs GM Recounts What an AFC Scout Once Said About the TE

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Did you know Travis Kelce‘s football career was once in jeopardy? As an athlete at the University of Cincinnati, the player was suspended for failing a drug test. “I realized I gotta tighten the f—- up,” he said recently while discussing his early career on ‘Bussin’ With The Boys’ podcast. But back then, when he tried to clean up his act, there were people doubting his abilities.  While he is currently a precious asset for the Chiefs, it would have been difficult for his NFL career to shine without one person’s unwavering trust. Who was that person?

Travis Kelce: “A dumb a**” according to AFC scouts!

During the 2013 NFL draft, many teams in the AFC division dismissed Travis Kelce. This disregard happened due to the star TE, being wayward, and they categorized him as hard-to-coach. They also rejected the University of Cincinnati product due to multiple failed drug tests.  But the Chiefs’ GM, John Dorsey, looked past these mistakes. And so, Kelce was drafted with the opening selection of the third round in 2013.

This move from Dorsey was surprising to many, as the AFC scouts completely rejected him. One scout went as far as saying, “I wouldn’t touch that guy. He’s a smart a*s and he’s a dumb a*s. Whatever a*s you want to add belongs with his name. He’s got ability. I wouldn’t fool with him.” However, the decision was pretty easy for Dorsey. The former GM said, “Piece of cake. That was like a no-brainer.”

Dorsey always believed in Kelce and mentioned how he didn’t obsess about his negative qualities. Keeping his positive notes in mind, it’s obvious that the man is exceptional with his game. Moreover, the Chiefs HC, Andy Reid, had a good bond with his elder brother, Eagles’ center, Jason Kelce. Kelce really lucked out with his draft, thanks to Dorsey’s trust in his gameplay.

Why did Dorsey go ahead with the TE?

The Chiefs’ former GM went out of his way to get a closer perspective on Kelce as a person. He contacted one coach at the UC, where he got to know that the player was quite loved. Dorsey went further and explored Kelce’s high school. He just couldn’t find any complaints. He said, “I know good dudes, and he’s a good dude.”

The former Chiefs GM believed that all Kelce needed was proper guidance for him to dominate on the field. And he wasn’t wrong. Kelce has become a phenomenal player in the league. Dorsey explained Kelce’s rebellious phase, stating, “He’s a model player now. As I always tell people, you ever been 22 before? You make mistakes. You know what he loves? He loves, and I mean loves, football. I could see it. All you’ve got to do is talk to him and you know that.”


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