“He hates taking pictures”: $450,000,000 Patrick Mahomes’ Secrets Exposed by Brittany

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The NFL is all set to come back in September. Until then, fans are focused on Netflix’s very first collaboration with the NFL. The release of the documentary “Quarterback” on Netflix has channeled a wave of excitement among NFL fans. The show features three most extraordinary Quarterbacks over the course of the 2022 season. It delves into their personal lives & tells stories beyond their field acts. Fans are elated to be able to dive deep into the lives of their favorite quarterbacks.

The featured quarterbacks have received a flood of reactions from their fans ever since the trailer came out. Patrick Mahomes‘ family has become just as popular as the Kansas City Chiefs QB. Mahomes’s wife Brittany’s appearance on the show has drawn a lot of attention recently.

QB Patrick Mahomes is camera shy

Fans’ reactions to wife Brittany’s presence on the show have been varied. Brittany & Mahomes have been shown spending quality time with each other. She has made some very interesting revelations in the show. In the first episode, she disclosed that Mahomes doesn’t like to take pictures.

She said, ‘He hates taking pictures’
‘Probably not many people realize that. But he’s not a picture guy.’
‘Getting good photos with him is, yes, a struggle.’

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Brittany’s revelation tells that, It’s not uncommon for individuals to have personal preferences with certain activities. She believes that not many people are aware of his aversion. It seems that Patrick is not someone who naturally enjoys getting clicked.

It highlights Brittany’s struggle in trying to take good photographs with him. Patrick’s preference for not liking being photographed is a personal aspect of his life, & as fans we should respect it.

What’s so exciting in the ‘Quarterback’

The show is a comprehensive look at the 2022 NFL season from the standpoint of the sport’s most significant position. It features Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings, and Marcus Mariota of the Atlanta Falcons.

We have already seen the tricks & tactics of these quarterbacks on the field. But never before have we seen what a quarterback does on a Sunday night?. In the Show we will see what it takes for the quarterbacks to succeed when all eyes are on them. How Quarterbacks gear up for their performances? What motivates them? & How do they aim to keep growing?. It will also give a glimpse of their personal relationships.


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