“Fun With My Girl”: Mother of Three Randi Emulates Patrick Mahomes Darling for a Dashing Makeover

randi& mia


Patrick Mahomes has always been a mama’s boy. The QB has maintained strong relations with both his parents, even after their separation from each other. But he maintains a special bond with his mother Randi, having been her rock throughout the turbulent times that the family has had to face over the last few months.

While Randi Mahomes is certainly the most important woman in Patrick’s life as his mother, the freshly crowned golf champion also has a special place in his life for his wife, Brittany. With his heartwarming relationship with the two most important women in his life, it was brilliant to see the matriarch of the Mahomes clan emulate the darling of her son’s life, as she posted on IG.

Randi Mahomes impresses everyone with stunning Brittany makeover

Randi Mahomes has always shared a close bond with Patrick’s darling wife, Brittany. Fittingly, the mother of the 2 time Super Bowl champion took to her Instagram account, posting a video alongside her newfound best friend in her daughter Mia. The post featured Randi and Mia going through a dashing makeover, closely emulating her daughter-in-law.


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The video saw the mother-daughter duo bleaching and dying their hair to take on a new avatar with their hairstyles. While the younger Mia dyed her hair pink, Randi chose to go a different route, going all blonde with a perfect imitation of her daughter-in-law Brittany’s hairstyle. Although Randi’s hair was considerably shorter than Brittany’s, she perfected the blond look with her stunning makeover. With her new hairstyle, Randi seems to be following in her son’s footsteps in the makeover department.

Is Patrick Mahomes ready for a new hairstyle as well?

We have all gotten used to the iconic Mahomes cut. But is it finally time for the reigning league MVP to change up his looks heading into next season? Well, Mahomes might be thinking that himself. Just over 6 months ago, the QB delivered his verdict about his possible appearance changes heading into next season, as he revealed special plans for his new hairstyle.


In the leadup to the Chiefs–Jaguars Wild Card matchup in January, Mahomes revealed that he too, was inspired by the glowing luscious locks of Trevor Lawrence, which have enamored fans across the league. While the Chiefs’ star signal-caller has been stable with his short-haired avatar, even he thinks it might be time for a change. But with just a few months before the NFL season kicks off, Mahomes might have to kick his hair growth into overdrive.


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