FOR A CAUSE: Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott takes swipe at NFC rivals in colon cancer ad as fans hail it ‘favorite commercial ever’



DALLAS Cowboys franchise QB Dak Prescott sent social media into a frenzy with a not-so-subtle shot at a few NFC rivals.  The 30-year-old star NFL QB took social media by storm on Friday after sharing a health ad video to prevent colon cancer while also taking a swipe at the Cowboys’ nemesis, the Philadelphia Eagles.

DAK ADS                   Dak Prescott had social media going wild after his latest post

DAKADS                                     Prescott took shots at his NFC rivals

Prescott partnered with Learn From Behind to create a hilarious but informative video for NFL fans.  He captioned the video shared on X, formerly Twitter: “Probably gonna get a lot of $h!t for this.”  The video featured Prescott explaining to viewers the importance of checking their colon with a home kit collection container.

He also told fans to put a sticker of something they don’t like on the collection container if they get a kit from their doctor.  “If you’re prescribed a home screen kit like this, grab the sample collection container and place a sticker of something you want to s–t on right on the underside,” Prescott said.  Fans quickly realized the stickers were references to NFL teams and flocked to social media with a ton of notable reactions.

Prescott’s stickers include images of a dolphin, miner, and eagle. There were also one’s of a bill and a lion in the ad.  NFL insider Ian Rapoport declared the commercial: “Maybe the best PSA I’ve ever seen.”  While this fan said: “Might be my favorite commercial ever, haha.”  Another expressed: “Best commercial ever, but the Eagles sticker was the best. It’s not a direct reference, but we all know why it was there.”

A fourth pointed out: “Stickers of the Dolphins,49ers and Eagles. Brillant, haha.”  And a fifth: “This is the greatest commercial I’ve ever seen. This is absolutely GENIUS AND HILARIOUS at the same damn time!!!.”  The Cowboys are set to face the Eagles this weekend in their Week 14 clash on Sunday Night Football.  Dallas enters the game at 9-3, while Philadelphia steps in with an NFC-best record at 10-2.


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