Footage shows Patrick Mahomes’ visibly stunned reaction to 49ers’ ‘crazy’ decision to receive ball in Super Bowl overtime



Patrick Mahomes could not believe what he was seeing.

Up-close video footage from Super Bowl LVIII reveals that the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback was absolutely stunned when San Francisco decided to take the ball first in overtime.


The look on Mahomes’ face said it all, with the eventual Super Bowl MVP staring straight ahead with a look of instant shock.  Much has been made of the 49ers’ controversial decision to take the ball first in OT, including several San Francisco players acknowledging that they did not know the NFL rules for overtime in playoff games.

After the 49ers took a 22-19 lead in the extra period, Kansas City got its own shot to score.  Mahomes expertly drove the Chiefs down the field and won the Super Bowl with three seconds left in OT.  Official video footage from Kansas City’s thrilling 25-22 victory shows Mahomes staring up at a midfield coin flip that decided possesion.

“There aren’t many things that can happen on a football field that catch Patrick Mahomes by surprise,” a narrarator says. “But this? This surpsised him.”  As Mahomes stares at a 49ers player, a game referee announces the result of the coin flip.


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