Erin Andrews Sends a Strong Message About Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Erin Andrews swift tra


NFL reporter Erin Andrews has always been quite open about her appreciation for both Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift individually, as well as their relationship. But recently, she shared a bold new declaration about the couple.  The 45-year-old shared her strong statement with E! News, saying, “I want them to get married so bad.”  “I love, love. I love him. He’s amazing,” Andrews said of her friend, Kelce, before adding about Swift, “I’m so pumped how happy she’s made Travis. Their support for each other is adorable.”

The sports commentator also praised Swift for her career and accomplishments, telling the publication, “I’m fully obsessed with her and what she’s done in her life… how she makes me feel as a woman.”  Swift has also shown support for Andrews and her WEAR by Erin Andrews clothing brand in the past, rocking a few different pieces throughout the football season as she cheered on Kelce, including the red jacket she wore to the Super Bowl.

In February, Andrews called the singer out for her support in an episode of her Calm Down podcast, highlighting Swift’s appreciation for small businesses.  Andrews said of Swift, “She freaking supports small business, she supports women, and I couldn’t love her more for that. She was so great and gracious, and I am beyond grateful, and I could cry.”  “You want me to hate her? I’m not gonna do it,” the new mother declared. “I’ve always loved her, and I love her freaking more now. And I just am so appreciative of her.”

Just as Andrews is grateful for Swift, Kelce has been openly thankful to the reporter, crediting her for helping get the celebrity couple together in the first place.

Andrews and her podcast co-host, Charissa Thompson, hyped up the football player on their podcast last summer, asking Swift to go on a date with Kelce. While it’s unclear if the podcast helped sway Swift’s opinion, it probably didn’t hurt, and Kelce later told the two women, “I owe you big time!!”

In March 2024, Kelce and Swift still seem to be going strong. Maybe one day, Andrews and Swifties’ wishes will come true, and the two will walk down the aisle.


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