Eagles Buzz: Micah Parsons shares his opinion on the ‘tush push’

micah pason philadelphia


Dallas Cowboys’ Micah Parsons has taken his side in the controversial debate surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles quarterback sneak play that has somehow transformed into a “tush push” this season.

WATCH: Micah Parsons on the Eagles signature play

What stood out in this clip is that Parsons stated that he wouldn’t want to be part of a league that would like to take a play out of a game just because defenses can’t stop it. It’s admirable coming from a Dallas Cowboys player, especially considering the brainwashing involved with being a part of that organization.

Parsons has every opportunity to come out and state whatever he wants due to his name and platform, and I appreciate him for taking the higher road here towards the Eagles.

It goes without saying, this play the Eagles run has been a part of the sport of football since the beginning. After all these years, it’s unbelievable that the Eagles magically have the perfect QB-Center tandem to run this play so effectively, and people dare to want to remove this play from the game.

The Eagles didn’t find an exploit for the rest of the NFL to run either because no team in the league has remotely close to the level of success as the Birds do when they run it. For example, during Parson’s livestream, he mentioned how the Cowboys stopped an imitated effort from the Patriots during their 38-3 victory over New England.


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