Dak Prescott fires back: ‘No more double-digit interceptions’ proclaims Cowboys quarterback

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott has made a bold promise regarding his performance in the upcoming 2023 season, vowing to be more careful with the ball and avoid interceptions. Last season, Prescott led the league in interceptions with 15 picks, despite playing in just 12 games. However, he believes that with head coach Mike McCarthy calling plays, interceptions won’t be as much of an issue.

During a press conference on Monday, Prescott expressed confidence in the offense and the wide receivers’ understanding of their roles, thanks to McCarthy’s guidance. He praised McCarthy’s ability to get the receivers in the right position, stating: “Mike does an amazing job with those guys. They know where to be, and why to be when they’re getting looked at. That’s going to be a big jump.

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Furthermore, Prescott made a bold declaration, stating: “I won’t have 10 interceptions this year.” While interceptions haven’t been a significant concern throughout Prescott’s career, he has become more prone to interceptions in recent years. In three of his last four seasons, he had 10 or more interceptions. The only exception was in 2020 when he played just five games, but if he had continued playing, he likely would have reached the double-digit mark.

The quote that gained national attention came from an interview Prescott gave to reporters at his annual youth camp on July 8. However, the Cowboys later disputed the specific quote published by Gabriel Trevino of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram on their website. Prescott’s intended message was that improved chemistry with his receivers would lead to fewer interceptions, particularly those resulting from deflections.

Dak refers to ‘tipped’ interceptions

Prescott acknowledged that some of his interceptions last season were due to his targets failing to make the catch, including a pick-six against the Jaguars. He clarified that he didn’t blame the receivers and praised McCarthy for his work with them, emphasizing the importance of their improved connection.

Despite the controversy surrounding the misquote, it remains clear that Prescott aims to reduce his interceptions this season. Throughout his six seasons, he has reached double-digit interceptions in four of them. The exception occurred in his rookie year, where he threw only four interceptions while leading the Cowboys to a 13-3 record, and in 2018 when he last earned a Pro Bowl selection, throwing eight interceptions.

As the upcoming season approaches, Prescott’s determination to limit interceptions serves as a personal goal, whether the quote was accurately reported or not.


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