Cryptic comment from Patrick Mahomes’ mother leads to outrage from NFL fans

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Patrick Mahomes gets a huge amount of attention and column inches thanks to his role as quarterback for current Super Bowl champions Kansas City Chiefs.  He gets that attention because he is so good at his job, but his family members also get lots of attention and that is for very different reasons.

is brother Jackson Mahomes is never too far from the headlines after his legal troubles and outlandish lifestyle, whilst his mother Randi Mahomes has also been known to anger those that follow the NFL and Mahomes.

Randi Mahomes’s latest social media post

Randi Mahomes recently shared an Instagram Story that has caught the eye.  “Sometimes people will act like you’re hard to deal with because you aren’t easy to fool,” was a caption that she shared, adding “Yup me!! Hard to fool” with two winky faces.  It is not clear what Randi Mahomes is referring to but many feel that it is unusual social media behavior for someone of her age, suggesting immaturity.

Fans react to Randi Mahomes’ post

Many fans were quick to take to Reddit, where they shared their thoughts about Randi Mahomes and her latest public message  “I called her out over s**t like this and she blocked me, she is pathetic and embarrassing,” wrote one user.  “She reminds me of those teen girls when Facebook just came out and they would post the cryptic status updates, but for real I couldn’t imagine my son living out his dreams in the NFL and being rich and I still post stuff like this daily to my social media,” added another.


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