Cowboys’ Jerry Jones Admits He’s a Fan of the Tush Push



The Cowboys may not have pulled it off on an attempt in Sunday night’s win over the Chargers, but owner Jerry Jones is apparently still a fan of the Tush Push play. Jones spoke about the play, which many have called to be banned from the league, and it doesn’t sound as though he’ll be one to vote against it.  “I’m all for it and I like the play,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan.

He expanded on that while citing back to the “traditional scrum,” and said he supports implementing the emphasis on the scrum.  “I’m O.K. with it,” Jones said. “I like the play. I think there’s a place for the play. . . . I’m all for implementing the emphasis on the scrum. The traditional scrum. . . . That doesn’t bother me as much on this play.”


Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott attempted the tush push with just over two minutes remaining in the first half against the Chargers but was held back for no gain on fourth down. Prescott joked about the play after game.  “They didn’t push my tush enough,” explained Prescott to reporters, via Taylor Bisciotti of the NFL Network.


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