Chris Jones Posts Mysterious Message, Hours After Endorsing $255M Jalen Hurts Over $450,000,000 Patrick Mahomes’

chris jones


As the season approaches, Kansas City is diligently fortifying its pivotal defensive asset. While the countdown continues toward their Super Bowl title defense against the Detroit Lions on September 7, the Chiefs and their quarterback Patrick Mahomes are sparing no effort in their preparations. Nonetheless, the team faces a unique challenge concerning their defensive tackle.

Intriguingly, this $80 million DT lauded Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, a rival from the previous year, over Patrick Mahomes just a few hours ago. This development has cast an enigmatic aura over the Chiefs. And it was not long ago that this situation unfolded—the Chiefs’ 29-year-old, jersey number 95, dropped a cryptic post alluding to his current team.

Is Chris Jones bidding farewell to KC?

Chiefs DT Chris Jones, just a few hours ago, sent out a puzzling tweet on his Twitter account dedicated to Kansas City. The 29-year-old tweeted, “KC… I love you.” However, this seemingly straightforward message isn’t as simple as it appears. The situation isn’t that clear-cut. Following his tweet, the NFL Notifications Twitter page released a rumor that’s captured Chiefs fans’ attention: “Hearing that DT Chris Jones is ready to “move on” from the #Chiefs.”

The tweet added, “GM Brett Veach has said “they have no plans on trading Jones” but his unwillingness to pay Jones his money is creating a divide between the two sides. Jones is seeking a new contract so finding a fair trade would be a challenge.” Entering the final year of his four-year, $80 million contract, Jones skipped the Chiefs’ entire offseason program and has continued to hold out during training camp, all in pursuit of securing a new long-term deal.

While negotiations remain stagnant, signs suggest Jones is getting ready to shift teams. The answer to ‘Which team?’ remains uncertain. Yet, it’s hard to overlook that just a day ago, Jones distinctly lauded Eagles QB Jalen Hurts, showing preference for him over his current QB, Patrick Mahomes.

Jones’ acclaim for Hurts in the awaited duel

Chiefs standout Chris Jones showered praise upon Jalen Hurts for his remarkable effort during the Philadelphia Eagles Super Bowl LVII defeat. Jones’s commendation came as part of NFL Network’s annual ranking of the top 100 players, where Patrick Mahomes secured the first position and Jalen Hurts stood in third.

chris jones

When NFL players were asked to choose between Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts, the majority of peers, as shown in an NFL video, favored Jalen Hurts as the best. In the video, Jones lauded Hurts, stating that Hurts “had the best performance in the Super Bowl that I’ve ever seen of a quarterback.” Hurts completed 27-of-38 passes for 304 yards and a touchdown through the air, adding 70 yards and three touchdowns on the ground. Notably, his rushing output set a new record for quarterback performance in the Super Bowl.


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