Chiefs GM Reveals Exception Travis Kelce Made for Taylor Swift at Games

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The Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach is working hard this offseason to set the team up for a Super Bowl three-peat. Before free agency started, Veach reflected on the “wild ride” of this past season.

In addition to winning back-to-back championships, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce‘s romance with Taylor Swift caught the world’s attention. While Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and head coach Andy Reid have gushed over the “Blank Space” singer joining Chiefs Kingdom, Veach has yet to meet her.

“That’s the first question I get from all of my immediate friends and family. ‘So what’s Taylor like?’ I’m like, ‘I’ve never met her,’” Veach admitted on John Middlekauff’s “3 and out” podcast. As for why, Veach revealed Kelce made an exception to the regular post-game routine for players’ friends and families.

“I mean she comes to the games and she’s up there (in a suite). And typically families come down (to the locker room area) to see the players. Travis goes up to see her, so I’ve seen her in passing.”

Swift attended 13 Chiefs games this past season, including Kansas City’s Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas. While She joined the players and their families on the field at Allegiant Stadium after the win, Veach and Swift didn’t cross paths.  “It’s been a wild ride. And, you know, listen, maybe Travis will bring her around every now and then.”

Brett Veach Said There’s ‘A High Amount of Respect’ For Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift in the Chiefs Locker Room

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While numerous “Dads, Brads, and Chads” were bothered by Swift’s highly-publicized attendance at games, Veach said she wasn’t a distraction for the team.  “If you didn’t go online, you would have no idea that he’s in a relationship with Taylor Swift,” Veach said during an appearance on “Fescoe in the Morning Show” ahead of the Super Bowl.

The couple’s relationship was never brought up “after the first week or two,” Veach explained. Swift and Kelce started dating in early August. The 14-time Grammy winner attended her first Chiefs game on September 24.

“The only time that we realize it, is when we’re looking at our phones during the TV timeout and CBS is zooming in on Taylor, you’re reminded that they’re together. But Travis is a straight pro and the guys treat him like that.”  “[Kelce] doesn’t talk about it, players don’t talk about it,” Veach said. “You’d think you’d hear the songs at practice and all the guys getting on him, this and that. But there’s such a high amount of respect for each other in this locker room.”


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