“Can I watch it without Brittany Mahomes?” – Patrick Mahomes’ wife gets grilled by fans for starring in Netflix series ‘Quarterback’



Patrick Mahomes’ family has grown to be just as popular as the Kansas City Chiefs QB.   However, not all attention directed towards them has been positive. As their popularity grows, so do haters calling out their fame and controversies. Mahomes’ wife, Brittany, has been at the receiving end of constant criticism and ridicule.  With Netflix releasing the documentary ‘Quarterback’, fans are focused on Netflix’s very first project with the NFL. Of course, Netflix has produced popular sports documentaries like The Last Dance and Formula 1: Drive to Survive.

Focusing on QBs like Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota, this will be a different experience for fans. That being said, a few users aren’t excited about watching Brittany Mahomes feature in the documentary with the QB.   On Instagram, fans wondered if they could watch the work without Brittany in it:


“How can I watch it without Brittany Mahomes?”  Other users had similar reactions, even referring to Brittany as Karen Mahomes. Some also mentioned Jackson Mahomes, who is currently less active on social media.  “The NFL promoting the obnoxious Mahomes wife and I’m sure the idiot brother is in there as well.”

“Is there a censored version of this I can watch without Brittany Mahomes” twitter.com/netflix/status
“It’s almost time for kick off!
Watch the first four minutes of Quarterback, our new docuseries following Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes. Premieres this Wednesday.”

“MaHoMeS wAs AcTiNg 🙄 We’re all going to learn on Wednesday how bad it really was…” twitter.com/netflix/status

” Pls keep Brittany off the screen as much as possible”

With Patrick Mahomes or not, a few users also requested for a censored version that doesn’t include Brittany.

That being said, there are fans excited about seeing the behind the scenes featuring Mahomes in Quarterback. Brittany, excited, shared some love people sent her way as the clips dropped:

“I appreciate kind people🥹🙏🏼 Thanks girl!💖 twitter.com/sierrajasso4/s…”
“I’m most excited for @netflix Quarterback episodes to have an in depth look of how badass and supportive @BrittanyLynne is for our QB 🔥 It starts at home and she’s clearly killin it in every way as a mom and wife.”


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