Brittany’s Blessing, Patrick Mahomes Super Proud to Have This Adorable Darling

pm & wife workout


Patrick Mahomes is a family man through and through. The Mahomes family is bang in the middle of celebrations at the moment, after Patrick secured yet another trophy this summer, bagging the win at Capital One’s ‘The Match’. But the grind never stops for Patrick as he spends hours in the gym honing his strength and skills. But his latest workout partner left the QB filled with pride and happiness.

While the head of the Mahomes clan is the star player on the football field, the real stars back home are his adorable children, Sterling and Bronze. The adolescent duo of trouble in the Mahomes family has been the star in Patrick and his wife Brittany’s IG content. But Patrick’s latest story with his new ‘workout partner’ has the NFL world geeking over his adorable daughter.

Patrick Mahomes introduces his latest workout partner

pm & daughter workout

We’re all used to seeing the intense training regimens that Patrick Mahomes undergoes to extract the most out of his gifted talent. But while we’ve seen his workouts with teammates and even his wife Brittany, Mahomes took to his Instagram Story to show the world his latest workout partner – his darling daughter, Sterling Mahomes.

Sterling, the firstborn of Patrick and Brittany, is a mere 2 years old. But she seemed to be in fine spirits as Mahomes posted a story with his daughter hanging out with him in the gym during his training sessions. The adorable photo surely left the father of two super proud, as he himself wrote in his story. True to their names, Sterling and Mahomes’ son Bronze are the new shining stars of the Mahomes family.

What’s the secret behind the unique names of the youngest Mahomes?

While Sterling Mahomes and Bronze Mahomes are certainly some interesting names for the youngest members of the Mahomes clan, those aren’t names that one would come across on a daily basis. So how did Patrick and his wife Brittany settle upon these unique names?

pm mom brit sis in hawaii

As Brittany had explained in one of her IG stories following the birth of her son, the story behind the naming of their children goes back to her college days. Brittany got her first dog back in college and decided to name him ‘Steel’. Ever since she has been certain of naming her upcoming family additions as elemental names. Hence, her firstborn inherited the name Sterling, and her son, Bronze, is the latest to join the lineage of element-based names in the Mahomes family.


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