Brittany Mahomes will make rare network TV appearance on award-winning show



Kansas City Chiefs’ quarterback Patrick Mahomes might be accustomed to the spotlight, but now it’s his wife, Brittany Mahomes, who is stepping into a new arena.  The power couple’s leading lady is set to make her network talk show debut on The Kelly Clarkson Show next week, marking a significant moment in her growing public presence.

Brittany Mahomes taking next step into fame

The news was unveiled on The Kelly Clarkson Show’s Instagram account, creating a buzz among fans eager to catch a glimpse of Brittany in a different setting.  While the specifics of her appearance remain under wraps, anticipation is building for the television debut of Taylor Swift’s newfound friend.

The Mahomes duo has become a recognized power couple.  However, it was Brittany’s evolving friendship with pop sensation Taylor Swift that added an exciting twist to their public narrative in 2023.  This unexpected frienship has been on full display during Kansas City Chiefs’ games, where Brittany and Swift have been spotted bonding in the VIP box.

Fashion, a special interest for Mahomes

With 1.7 million followers on Instagram, Brittany has emerged as an influencer in her own right.  Her wardrobe choices, showcased on her profile, often lead to sold-out items, highlighting the impact of her style on fans.  Much like her close friend Taylor Swift, Brittany Mahomes has proven that her fashion sense is timeless and always in vogue.

Recently, Brittany offered a sneak peek into her enviable walk-in closet through a casual mirror selfie on Instagram.  Sporting a matching gray sweatsuit with black boots and a vest, she playfully captioned the image, “I legit wear these sweat suits every day…so glad I can mix them up now with a vest.”  The post not only showcased her casual winter style but also hinted at the versatility of her fashion choices.

Known for her game-day style, Brittany Mahomes has been a fashion icon as she supports Patrick and the Chiefs from their box.  From white sweatpants adorned with her husband’s number to a little black dress moment with thigh-high boots, Brittany’s diverse looks keep fans eagerly awaiting her next style statement.

As Brittany gets ready to shine on the small screen, her friendship with Taylor Swift continues to blossom.  Sources reveal that their bond is genuine, filled with shared laughter and mutual support.  Whether cheering on their men at games or enjoying each other’s company during dinners in New York City, Brittany and Taylor’s friendship has become a notable part of their lives.


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