Brittany Mahomes Starts Her Offseason Title Defense On A Boat In Mexico

steling mom


Brittany Mahomes spent one of her first weekends of the offseason enjoying a little girls trip to Mexico.  And I don’t care what any of you fake hardos say – our girl is en fuego. Sorry. I said it. Was it a bad joke? Absolutely. Don’t care, though.  I’m team Brittany Mahomes at this point, especially if she’s gonna fill my offseason Saturday’s with this sort of content.

Brittany Mahomes is the least of our worries

I know hating on Brittany Mahomes is the in thing right now, and I was right there with you a few months ago. But at some point, the pendulum swings too far in one direction, and I’m forced to take the other side.  That’s what’s happened with Brittany. I’m back on her side now. For the first time in my life, I’m #withher!  (That’s a Trump/Hillary joke, BTW).

Any dude that tries to trash Brittany Mahomes and say they wouldn’t want to get with her is lying. That’s a fact.  None of us could score that kind of talent, and you’re full of crap if you say otherwise. I also think she hates Jackson Mahomes just as much as the rest of us, if not more.  That should score her enough brownie points to last a lifetime.

Anyway, if you want to hate on someone, save it for Travis Kelce. That guy is the worst.  There’s a stupid viral video going around of him dancing over in Australia at one of Taylor Swift’s 17 concerts she puts on a day. I’m not sharing it here. I’m better than that.  I chose to write about Brittany Mahomes in a bikini instead. You’re welcome.


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