Brittany Mahomes shares the adorable moment where her children tenderly coexist



Brittany Mahomes keeps us up to date with what’s happening at home and with her children by sharing fragments of her daily life on her social media.  On this occasion, Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ children, 2-year-old Sterling and 1-year-old Bronze, were playing while tenderly living together.

car bronze

In the video that Brittany shared on her Instagram stories you can see little Bronze driving his bumper car as if he were a big child while walking his sister Sterling who watched how he drives and hugs him while holding on to him.

Bronze recently had a naughty and fun moment when the little one created a mess while enjoying yogurt in his high chair, and the family dogs joined in the fun.  As Patrick and Brittany Mahomes’ children grow and develop, they treasure cherished family moments. Moments that Brittany shares on her social media to the delight of her followers.


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