Brittany Mahomes Shares Snippets of Her Cutest Breakfast Helper, While Giving a Shoutout to Renowned Food Brand

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Brittany Mahomes Shares Snippets of Her Cutest Breakfast Helper, While Giving a Shoutout to Renowned Pet Food Brand

Brittany Mahomes is famed not only for her relationship with NFL star QB Patrick Mahomes but also for her own interesting aura that she regularly displays on social media. A recent Instagram story with Sterling Skye, her daughter, paints an endearing picture not only of motherhood but also of her role as a responsible pet owner.

Brittany’s posts and stories reflect a loving mother’s devotion, often melting the hearts of her ever-increasing fan base. Notably, while her husband Patrick has heaped praise on her for being a supermom, her social media stories invariably remind us of the simple joys of motherhood.

Sterling Skye Steals the Show, Becomes Mommy’s Helper

Last weekend, Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri echoed with cheers, not just for the Kansas City Chiefs but also for a charming family trio present to witness the action. Brittany Mahomes, the vibrant 28-year-old spouse of the Chiefs’ QB, Patrick Mahomes, didn’t come alone. She was accompanied by her tiny squad: her son, Patrick ‘Bronze’ Lavon III, who’s on the brink of celebrating his first birthday, and her two-year-old darling daughter, Sterling Skye.

A delightful Instagram story recently gave fans an intimate glimpse into Brittany’s morning. In it, Sterling, glowing in a baby-blue outfit and an adorable half-tied hairstyle, takes on the role of a ‘breakfast helper,’ diligently pouring dog food. The caption sweetly notes, “Had a little breakfast helper this morning.” Brittany, ever the influencer, didn’t miss out on the chance to guide fellow pet enthusiasts. She spotlighted “The Farmer’s Dog” brand within her story—a brand synonymous with fresh, balanced, and love-infused pet food.

Brittany Mahomes Treats her Pets like her Children

Exploring the life and choices of Brittany Mahomes, fans found a silver—or should we say, Sterling?—lining in understanding the metallic theme of her family’s names. An article by People’s stated that the Kansas City Current co-owner shed light on the origins of these names, revealing a blend of serendipity and intention, in an Instagram story.

The narrative began with their first canine companion, Steel, whose name inspired the sequence that followed. Originally considering ‘Sterling’ for their other pup, Brittany’s heart redirected that title to her future daughter. Thus, the luminous name ‘Silver’ was chosen for their second dog, harmonizing beautifully with Steel.

The tradition was lovingly upheld by their daughter Sterling Skye and son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon. Brittany’s candid revelations didn’t stop there. Answering a personal query, she shared a touching picture: their son Bronze’s conception coincided with the couple’s wedding night. The Mahomes have certainly set a gold standard for intertwining names with personal narratives. Such stories not only give a peek into the fun activities of the Mahomes family but also reflect the deep bond they share with not only each other but their pets, treating them no less than family.


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