Brittany Mahomes Shares a Hilarious Complaint Against QB Husband Patrick Mahomes

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“Let Me Check With My Wife”: Brittany Mahomes Hilariously Accuses Patrick Mahomes of ‘Using Her’ to Get Out of Plans

Current Super Bowl champion Patrick Mahomes doesn’t have a lot to complain about in life at the moment. The star quarterback is at the peak of his powers, and is also about to become the highest paid athlete in the NFL, as soon as contract negotiations end. To top it all, the man has got an incredible family blessed with two lovely kids and a high school sweetheart wife. Although Mrs. Mahomes always tops the list when it comes to supporting the KC quarterback, from time to time, she also likes taking sly digs at her loving husband.

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Recently, Brittany, who has been accompanying her husband at various event in the last few days, took to Instagram to share a very interesting thought. Through her Insta story, Mrs. Mahomes suggested that her wickedly intelligent quarterback husband often uses her name to get out of plans.

Brittany Mahomes shares a hilarious complaint against QB husband Patrick Mahomes

Brittany, who is known for not holding back when it comes to expressing exactly what she is thinking, recently shared a very light post on her Instagram story which several fans found very amusing. Suggesting that Patrick often makes her the villain while trying to get himself out of a plan, Mrs. Mahomes shared:

“When my husband says ‘let me check with my wife,’ he’s telling y’all no. He’s just putting the blame on me.”

“Yup yup and more yup,” Brittany further added while tagging her beloved husband. It is truly fantastic to see the two love birds, who have been together for quite a while, still taking hilarious and harmless shots at one another. While Patrick hasn’t responded to Brittany’s sweet allegations yet, he is expected to do so in the next few hours.


The last few days have been super busy for the power couple. Right from flagging off Kentucky derby, to slaying in impressive outfits at the Met Gala, Patrick and Brittany have been the constant target of camera lenses. Moreover, their regular public appearances are also hinting towards the fact that they have full faith in Jackson’s innocence.

For the unversed, Patrick’s notorious younger brother Jackson was recently arrested and then released from the jail. He has been accused of s*xual assault and is currently out on bail. Amidst all this family drama, many were expecting Patrick and Brittany to stay away from the limelight. However, their approach has been the exact opposite of that.

Social media hasn’t been kind to Brittany Mahomes

While Jackson is involved in the biggest scandal of his life, for which he is getting constantly trolled on social media, platforms like Twitter and Instagram haven’t been kind to Brittany either. From time to time, internet sleuths have rolled out theories about things going awry between Patrick and his wife.

Moreover, there were rumors that because she has been a massive distraction for him on several occasions, Patrick had asked Brittany not to attend his games in the stadium after the 2021 season. All such rumors were categorically denied by Patrick who had called people out for making up senseless stuff.

“Y’all just be making stuff up these days” 😂😂😂

While Brittany didn’t attend many of Patrick’s games last season as she was expecting the birth of Bronze, she is expected to show all her excitement in the stands during the coming season.


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