Brittany Mahomes Shared the Incredibly Heartwarming Way Patrick Is the ‘Best Father Ever’

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Being a parent is hard; there’s no ifs, ands, and buts about that. But being a parent with all eyes on everything you do at all times like A-list lovebirds Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes? That’s a new level of difficulty.      In the new Netflix documentary series Quarterback, Brittany talked about how Patrick, despite the craziness of their lives, has already achieved the honor of being “the best father ever” in one way: he’s a master at balancing it all, despite the seasonal work schedule and hectic popularity.

“He has a soft spot, but I think he’s done such an amazing job at balancing his work life and his at-home life, and I think he’s really switched around his priorities and figured it out,” she said to People. “[He is] the best father ever.”

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Another thing that makes him the “best father ever?” In the Netflix series, he says he hopes his kids see “that when dad’s not home, he’s out there working hard to achieve his dream.” Following dreams is a big thing for Patrick, and he even told the Kansas City Star that that was a major thing his parents taught him that he wants to pass down to Sterling and Bronze!

“I think both my parents just really taught me how to follow my dreams. I think that was the biggest thing. They didn’t care if I was an athlete, they didn’t care where I was going, they just told me to follow my dreams, do whatever I could to have no regrets at the end of the day,” he said. “And so I think that’s what I’m trying to do with my kids now is obviously I’m trying to parent in my own way, but I want them to enjoy life. And they’re young now, but if they want to play sports, they can play sports. If they don’t, they don’t have to and just enjoy it and to follow their dreams.”

Brittany and Patrick have been together since high school after an “awkward” incident that brought them together, and married back on March 12, 2022, in a gorgeous ceremony in Hawaii. They share two children together named Sterling Skye, 2, and a son named Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, born Nov 2022.


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