Brittany Mahomes opens up about the time they had to rush to the ER after Bronze’s bathtub discovery

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Brittany Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes had to pause everything and head to the emergency room after their 8-month-old son Bronze was covered in hives that soon turned into welts. Bronze was having a scary allergic reaction to a peanut drink given by Patrick a few hours prior.

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes had to go to the emergency room to treat Bronze

Brittany Mahomes got personal about the details of motherhood with Reader’s Digest The Healthy, and recalled the time they had to rush to the emergency room as children begin showing allergies at a young age which is the perfect time to find out.

According to pediatricians, children under the age of 5 experience allergic reactions randomly as the body is learning about new things, and as part of their healthy upbringing, parents need to test them constantly to be aware of any health risks and reactions which is why Patrick had given him a drink that included peanuts.

Brittany recalled that she was giving Bronze a bath in the tub when she discovered the rash “At first there were just a few hives on his tummy, but then they turned into large welts,” she elaborated “They spread over his body, then up his neck and to his face. That was when I started to get really worried because they were so close to his throat,” Mahomes recalls.

“He was clearly having a bad allergic reaction, so at that point we took him to the emergency room,” she claimed . “Thankfully Bronze was fine-but it was one of the scariest things I’ve experienced as a mother.”  Mahomes though then that she knew about allergies as her first-born daughter Sterling had an allergic reaction when drinking formula, it turned out she was allergic to milk and eggs “She immediately started to vomit, sneeze, and get itchy eyes, but Bronze’s allergic reaction looked different,” she says. “Severe food allergies can look very different between kids.”

After the emergency scare, Mahomes never leaves home without an AUVI-Q injector in her bag in case they have a surprising allergic reaction. “Everywhere the kids are, the AUVI-Qs are” she claimed she loves the product, “is that it actually talks you through the steps of how to use it, in a very calm voice, so that if you’re panicking, you’ll still know what to do.”


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