Brittany Mahomes, natural or artificial beauty? The touch-ups she has had

brittany alone


Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has faced scrutiny and speculation about her appearance on social media.  Fans often critique her looks, suggesting cosmetic enhancements and criticizing her body. Brittany has been transparent about her cosmetic procedures, addressing comments about her lips and breasts on Instagram. In a 2023 Q&A, she confirmed having lip fillers, taking some power away from critics.

Responding to breast implant rumors in 2021, Brittany shared bikini photos, attributing her changed bust to motherhood and breastfeeding. While some comments were negative, others praised her postpartum physique, with fans commending her dedication to fitness.

Working on her glute

Brittany, a personal trainer, launched Brittany Lynne Fitness, offering paid exercise programs. Passionate about working out, she emphasizes weightlifting for glute gains and shares leg day workouts on Instagram. She encourages others to focus on proper form and use heavy weights for effective results.

“I used to have no butt at all. It was very small, and if you saw the before and after pictures, it’s so embarrassing,” she said.  “I start every leg day with squats, and I put my weight up each week.”

Despite facing online criticism, Brittany remains resilient, addressing speculations and promoting a positive body image. Her openness about cosmetic procedures and dedication to fitness showcase her commitment to authenticity and self-improvement.


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