Brittany Mahomes Introducing Pets And Babies, Talks Postpartum Body & The Tattoo She Has in Honor of Sterling & Bronze


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Introducing Pets And Babies

The Mahomes family has two dogs, Steel and Silver. One follower wanted to know how Brittany introduced her fur babies to her human babies, and it sounds a lot simpler than we would have thought.

“Let them smell all the things before the babes come home,” she wrote, implying that the doggos were sniffing the cribs, strollers, high chairs, toys, etc. “They adjust pretty well and I was very surprised! I think they just know!”

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Postpartum Body

Brittany is a fitness trainer, so fans had a lot of questions about what her regimen looked like while she was pregnant and now that she is a mom of two. She said that staying active when approaching her due date was “so so important” and that she doesn’t care about the changes that have happened to her body.

“These kiddos are so worth it,” she said, followed by the smiling teary-eyed emoji and a red heart.  She also explained why it is so hard — even for trainers like her — to start working out after having a baby.  “Because you got kids to take care of now,” she wrote with a laughing emoji. “And taking an ample amount of time off always makes it hard to start again! But you have to WANT TO, you got it!”

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We love when celebrity parents (heck, any parents!) get tattoos honoring their kids. Brittany snapped a pic of her newest ink. Inside her right forearm, she has “Sterling” and “Bronze” written in script with their birthdays (2/20/21 and 11/28/22 respectively) underneath.



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