Brittany Mahomes grabs headlines after ‘Quarterback’ launch

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Brittany Mahomes has been causing a stir on social media with images from a recent boat party she attended.  It has been a busy few weeks for Kansas City Chiefs superstar Patrick Mahomes and his wife Brittany. Amid the release of “Quarterback” on Netflix, the two have appeared on multiple media outlets, while also appearing at ESPN’s ESPY Awards.

Mahomes has become a social media sensation with videos and photos of her and her husband’s lavish lifestyle. Fans got even more of a glimpse of their life behind the scenes with the new “Quarterback” show, which featured Mahomes, as well as veteran Minnesota Vikings QB Kirk Cousins and now Philadelphia Eagles back-up QB Marcus Mariota.

The show captured Mahomes’ journey to his second SuperBowl win with the Chiefs, and it also showed plenty of behind the scenes footage with his wife, Brittany.

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Though, those who follow her will have already seen Brittany’s loud personality, from parties to screaming and celebrating in the family box after Chiefs games.  In some of her most recent posts, Mrs Mahomes posted shared photos from a recent boat party she had attended with friends, while also sharing photos of her and Patrick smartly dressed from the ESPY awards.

It has been a busy summer for Brittany and Patrick, but with the new season around two months away, the Chiefs quarterback will be fully dialed into football, with Kansas City hoping to add to their dynasty with a third SuperBowl in the Andy Reid era.

Meanwhile, Mahomes is bidding to become the best ever, already on the path to being an undisputed great of the game with his two SuperBowls, and indeed his highlight reel of unmatchable plays.


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