Bradley Cooper reportedly fumes over Tom Brady’s moves on Irina Shayk

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Seems like Bradley Cooper might be a tad green with envy, with rumors buzzing about football legend Tom Brady making moves on his supermodel ex, Irina Shayk. has been doing some snooping, and here’s the scoop.  According to insiders, the seven-time Super Bowl champ, Brady at 46, and the stunning Russian model, Shayk at 37, are dipping their toes into the “where’s this going?” pool. Apparently, they set some sparks flying after a steamy weekend in LA

Caught on camera, the dynamic duo seemed all cozy – this comes not even two months after they crossed paths in Italy at billionaire Joe Nahmad’s $13 million wedding extravaganza.  Now, the story takes a twist, and it involves Brady’s ex, Gisele Bündchen. See, Brady’s feathers got ruffled when Bündchen, the Brazilian bombshell he was hitched to for 13 years, seemed to have a thing with a jiu jitsu instructor named Joaquim Valente in 2022 – just a month after their divorce. Bündchen denied it, but you know how gossip goes.

Things are heating up between the trio

Insiders dish that the pigskin pro’s marriage went kaput when he didn’t quite score in the sack for a whopping 178 days. That was the nail in the coffin for Bündchen, who left him in the dust.  Now, Brady’s playing his cards by cozying up with a younger woman – it’s a bit of an image makeover, going from a ‘no-sexy-time’ guy to a full-on ladies’ man! They say he’s even hitting the weights to compete with Bündchen’s more brawny companions.

As for Cooper, the dad of Shayk’s daughter, he’s not exactly thrilled about this new fling. It’s heard he’s still got a soft spot for his ex-flame. Another source dished to National Enquirer that Cooper’s wary about Brady encroaching on his “daddy territory,” hinting at a potential showdown.  While Cooper’s pals are hoping Brady takes a back seat, Shayk and Brady seem to be on their own adventure. Word is, Brady invited her over to LA for a whirlwind romantic weekend. Insiders dish they cozied up for a couple of nights at a house where he was staying.


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