“Best Life”: Patrick Mahomes Life Partner Brittany Shares a Heartwarming Moment With Seven-Month-Old Bronze

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Marriage to one of the NFL’s biggest stars brings its own set of challenges and adjustments. Brittany Mahomes has eventually mastered the art of handling these demands. However, the same cannot be said for her and Patrick Mahomes‘ children.  Recently, with teary eyes, their children bid their father farewell as he headed off to the Chiefs camp. However, amidst the emotional farewell, Brittany showcased her skill in lightening the mood of the kids. She shared a precious and adorable moment with their seven-month-old, Bronze, creating a heartwarming and tender memory to cherish.

Bronze’s laughter has the magic to melt away the weariness of the day!

Recently, Brittany Mahomes delighted her Instagram followers with an endearing story. The heartwarming video captured Bronze, seated on the floor, playfully engrossed with a bag strap. In a tender moment of fun, Brittany, the former soccer star, couldn’t resist teasing him by gently tickling his little feet and back.

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Bronze’s adorable laughter filled the air, bringing smiles to all who watched the precious interaction. Brittany playfully captioned the story, “Living our best life over here 😂.” Despite the joyous playtime, the children had a difficult day recently as they bid a tearful farewell to their father, Patrick, who headed off to the camp.

Patrick’s little angel said ‘Bye Daddy’

Brittany Mahomes captures a heartwarming family moment with daughter Sterling and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, giving fans a glimpse into their touching farewell as he departs for football training camp. On Tuesday, Brittany shared a heartwarming video on her Instagram Story, showing 2-year-old sad-faced Sterling saying, “Say bye bye daddy!” while blowing kisses to her father as he headed off.

In the background, their youngest, Bronze, could be heard crying too. Patrick, a two-time Super Bowl champ, also shared the touching video on his own Instagram, revealing his teary-eyed emotions as he bid farewell to his loving family for the upcoming camp.  Meanwhile, as the Chiefs eagerly prepare for their highly anticipated return to the field, they are giving fans a glimpse of the excitement by sharing snippets of their players arriving for camp, including their star quarterback. The team’s enthusiasm is palpable as they gear up for the upcoming season with high hopes of securing yet another championship title.


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