As Husband Readies for New Season, Patrick Mahomes’ Wife Brittany Reveals the Real ‘MVP’ and It Isn’t Randi’s Son

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In the realm of sports, few individuals have experienced a rise to fame as extraordinary as Patrick Mahomes. From his awe-inspiring performances on the football field to his magnetic personality off it, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback has captivated the hearts of fans worldwide. And his wife Brittany always stands beside him, supporting him everywhere. However, it seems the QB is not the real MVP for her.

This offseason Mahomes’ fame soared to unprecedented heights, not just for himself but for his entire family, as they stepped into the spotlight alongside him. And now, as he gears up for a new season, his wife has unveiled the real MVP, and surprisingly, it’s not him. So, who is this new MVP, poised to surpass the Mahomes legacy?

Who is the MVP surpassing Patrick Mahomes?

As the upcoming season looms on the horizon, Mahomes’ devoted wife, Brittany, recently took to social media to share a deeply touching revelation. In her heartfelt message, she unveiled the true MVP in their lives. It wasn’t Mahomes himself, nor was it their daughter this time. Instead, the deserving title of Most Valuable Person was bestowed upon their doctor, Jenna- the Infant Sleep Coach.

In an Instagram Story, Brittany thanked her Doctor. She wrote, “Also, s/o to the real mvp of last week, @4theloveofsleep for helping out with june bug.”  At 27 years old, Patrick Mahomes embraced fatherhood as he welcomed his first child, daughter Sterling Skye Mahomes, in September 2020. In 2022, the joy of parenthood expanded with the arrival of their second child, Bronze.

Patrick Mahomes, with his astonishing achievements and magnetic charisma, has long been the focal point of attention and admiration. But now, the spotlight has shifted to the newcomers, who have effortlessly stolen the show. How did this young bundle of joy manage to capture the hearts of the Mahomes clan and, dare we say, the entire nation?

Patrick Mahomes’ commitment to being a devoted husband, father, and son

Patrick Mahomes has never shied away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. From triumphant victories to devastating defeats, he has let his emotions flow freely, showcasing a vulnerability, rarely seen in professional athletes.  As Patrick Mahomes embarks on a new season, his journey takes on a renewed meaning. While his on-field accomplishments have been nothing short of extraordinary, the spotlight now shines on the remarkable bond he shares with his family.


He also excels in his roles as a son, husband, and father. He embodies the essence of a devoted and loving family man, constantly striving to be the best son to his mother, Randi Mahomes, a great husband to his wife, Brittany, and the greatest dad to his children. Mahomes demonstrates his commitment to his family through the skillful balance he maintains between his demanding career and quality time spent with his loved ones.

In the world of sports, the true MVP isn’t always the one with the trophy, but rather the one who brings love and joy to those around them. For Patrick Mahomes and his family, their real MVP shines brighter than any Super Bowl ring ever could.


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