As Husband Patrick Mahomes Signs Private Jet Extension, Brittany Mahomes Still Drives Around in This Luxurious Car

brit pm car


Brittany Mahomes has some cool episodes to cheer on this off-season. Accompanying her husband, Patrick Mahomes, to prestigious events like the Met Gala, Big Slick Weekend, and the Kentucky Derby, she is living life queen-size. And what could be more thrilling and gratifying for her than witnessing Patrick Mahomes achieve remarkable success this year, winning the MVP award, the Super Bowl, and “The Match.”


On the 29th, Patrick Mahomes teamed up with his Kansas City Chiefs teammate Travis Kelce to take on NBA stars Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson on the golf course. Against all expectations, Mahomes and Kelce emerged victorious, savoring the moment with their biggest cheerleader, Brittany, who cruised around in a luxurious car with an adorable companion.

Brittany is off on a ride with Sterling

Recently, Brittany Mahomes delighted her Instagram followers by sharing a photo and video post featuring her daughter Sterling sitting on her new stroller car. The stroller car was carefully positioned inside a luxurious white car resembling a Limo Taxi Car. Referring to Sterling’s new stroller, Brittany captioned it, “Mom got a new mom mobile 😍”

brit in car

Brittany captured some adorable moments of Sterling and also showcased the exquisite interior of the luxurious car. Meanwhile, it is noteworthy that while Brittany rode off in the taxi car, her partner Patrick recently signed a private jet extension with Airshare, adding to their luxurious lifestyle.

Role ambassador for a private jet company

Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, boasts an impressive lineup of flashy endorsements, including brands like Adidas, Oakley, and State Farm, among others. However, his flashiest endorsement deal may be with the private jet company, Airshare. Through their partnership, the Mahomes family has the privilege of traveling to all of Patrick’s home games in a luxurious jet named Challenger 350.

Not only is the jet utilized for game travel, but Patrick also takes advantage of it for both business trips and family vacations. In addition to the benefits enjoyed by the Mahomes family, Airshare has established a long-term partnership with the Chiefs, spanning approximately ten years. This collaboration has played a significant role in attracting high-value free agents and draft picks to the team. Patrick Mahomes entered into a multiyear partnership agreement with Airshare in June 2018, following his rookie season.

brit pm car

Recently, Airshare made headlines once again by announcing a multiyear extension of their marketing partnership with the esteemed quarterback, Mahomes.


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